20" lift fan shroud

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20" lift fan shroud

Post by yukonmcdade »

I'm building a scout and wondering if anyone knows where I can get an inlet shroud for a 20" lift fan. Just thought I'd ask before I start making a mold, thanks
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Re: 20" lift fan shroud

Post by bphillip2 »

In theory I could make one easily with my new CNC router, but I'm just slammed ATM. I would suggest just make one with scrap foam and a stick spinning on a central point. You could attach a form with sandpaper on it. Use a clamp to keep increasing the size till you get to 20+. Keep the hot glue away from the area to be sanded.
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Re: 20" lift fan shroud

Post by highlandhovercraft »

Another easy way if you have access to a router is to cut a ply disk the required size then wrap around 1/2" foam then use one of the cheap ratchet straps to keep the foam inplace on the ply disk. Glass the ratchet strap to the foam. Leave to cure, cut the ratchet mechanism off leaving the webbing strap glassed to the foam disk.

I learned this tip from John Robertson, makes easy work of building a round duct.

I was trying to find a picture to upload of the routr jig, but cant find them, so here is a link to my facebook page of the router jig in action.

https://www.facebook.com/highland.hover ... =3&theater
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Re: 20" lift fan shroud

Post by John Robertson »

http://www.hovercruiser.org.uk/index.ph ... -lift-duct

.... bit short on pictures (it was a long time ago!) but hopefully you'll get the idea :)

... and as Bryan says, don't get hot melt glue near anything you will sand - it's like chewing gum to a sander!
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Re: 20" lift fan shroud

Post by jchovernut »

I think I still have the "toilet seat" lift duct for the modular Scout in my hovercraft boneyard. I have a prop hub & fan, too, if you haven't yet bought the drive kit. I'm winging my way to Montreal at the moment, but can check for you when I'm back in Orlando in a couple weeks.

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