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Post links to YouTube, Vimeo, and others of SEVTEC hovercraft in action!
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How to Post Videos

Post by jchovernut » March 3rd, 2012, 1:42 pm

To post YouTube videos with the preview frame of the video viewable to visitors and the PLAY button readily accessible, simply compose your message/description of the video you're posting and when you're ready to embed the video, click the little "youtube" box in the command menu immediately above this text editing field. Doing so will insert this code into the text edit field: [youtube][/youtube] Between the two youtube embed bracketed pairs, paste the YouTube video I.D. (not the whole URL or Embed Code).

Say you want to post the YouTube clip of Monty Python's sketch, "Dirty Hungarian Phrasebook" which contains the infamous phrase, "My Hovercraft is Full of Eels!" You simply navigate to that video on YouTube, click the little button below the video labeled "Share," and you'll get a string of text that looks like this: All's you need to do is highlight and copy the LAST part of that text, in this case, the "G6D1YI-41ao" Now, in the SEVTEC Kits Forum message window, click that "youtube" button above, and get this:
Then simply paste the YouTube video I.D. you copied from the video "Share" button link between the "youtube backets" like this:

(youtube)G6D1YI-41ao(/youtube) ....brackets replaced with open/close parentheses in this example to illustrate what to do, & to prevent the code from executing....

Note that when you push the "youtube" button, the cursor insertion point automatically lands between those "youtube" code tags and all's you need to do is right-click and PASTE, or on your keyboard press the following two keys together in sequence: <command> & <v> ( in sequence: <command> & <c> will copy highlighted text as in the youtube "share" text field)

Now you should see something like the below when you "Preview" or "Submit" the post...

If you have any questions, please ask in a reply to this post so all can see & learn!!
Thanks for helping make this a more vivid SEVTEC site!!

Note!! The "youtube" embed video button on this forum is visible only when you are authoring a new topic, or responding to a post....not when you're just perusing the forum.

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