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Cutting a lift fan to size

Posted: December 19th, 2015, 2:17 pm
by AJW
Here is a simple jig in action I have used on numerous occasions to cut my thrust & lift fans to size. Its quick and accurate and above simple & cheap to make ;)

Re: Cutting a lift fan to size

Posted: January 21st, 2016, 5:12 pm
by jchovernut
Nice simple jig! It's nice to keep the curved tip profile, too. I've seen a lot of fans cut square at the tip and they just look wrong in a duct!!
As always, I love your 4-footed furry helpers!! ;)
Do you have any simple jig for carving a wood prop? I have need for a 60" version for my UH-18. Either that, or I'm having Bryan cook me up a 60" 4-blade Carbon H-Prop.

John Carter

Re: Cutting a lift fan to size

Posted: January 22nd, 2016, 6:00 am
by AJW
I would get Bryan to make you a Carbon one lot less hassle ;) :D Bryan making me a 76" carbon prop for my surveyor :D

The jig for cutting the fan on the bandsaw is so easy to make. This fan fitted the centre boss thingy I had lying around in my shed and I have cut a few fans with it. I had one fan that didn't fit that boss, so I hunted around for something that would fit the fan hub and I found a drinking chocolate cardboard carton that fitted perfectly :o :D