Supreme Court Hovercraft Case

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Supreme Court Hovercraft Case

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On Jan 20, the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the John Sturgeon vs National Park Service. The issue at-hand is a provision Congress placed upon the NPS where it could NOT regulate "inholdings" when the parks were established. This includes the navigable waterways which are considered Alaska sovereign lands.

The audio of the proceedings has now been posted. It pains me to listen to Kagen, Sotomeyer, Breyer, & Kennedey try to wrap their heads around 103(c), the provision Congress put in to restrict the Feds from regulating "inholdings" i.e. the navigable waterways.
Scalia makes sense, as usual. The Soliciter General would like the Feds to have free reign to wreak havoc on transportation & commerce on ANILCA holdings!! ... 15/14-1209

Let's hope for a favorable decision for us, & leads to breaking down the moronic hovercraft ban in the Lower 48, too!!
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