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Re: explorer skirt strip

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scottie wrote:Hi
I used that greenhouse film attachment strips for my Explorer both on top and bottom. You do have to double screw it. Screw down the bottom strip every foot to eighteen inches. Then the holding strip every two to three feet and at both ends. I added a
little waterproofing past around the screws too.
I also use the Green House Poly Lock.
On my Scout I put counter sunk stainless screws every 6" but didn't put any in the locking strip as it does expand a fair amount when it warms up, in warm weather it will expand beyond the bottom strip by about 1/4" depending on how warm it gets, in cold weather it will shrink past the bottom by up to 1/4" again depending on how cold, screwing down the locking strip is not a good idea as it could buckle and it would be a real pain to take them out to adjust the skirt if needed, I've never had a problem with the locking strip coming loose with the exception of when I hit a pilling. :roll:
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Re: explorer skirt strip

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I found a supplier of the polyfastener in the UK and had a sample sent to me. I have decided that I am not going to use it and have decided on a different method to attach the upper skirt, although quite expensive & time consuming. Pictures will follow when I get to that part of the build.
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