New Skirt Pattern?

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Re: New Skirt Pattern?

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The CNC is cutting raw foam, and beveling the edges appropriately. Bryan used the CNC & SolidWorks to model and fabricate an OSB wooden fixture in which to accurately place all the Explorer panels for assembly & laminating. The Explorer build time from the 1st hull to the 3rd has come down significantly!

As I mentioned before, the CNC will eventually be put to use to make foam kits for Vanguard, Surveyor, and I believe all the larger models, too. My hand in this is I helped devise a method of keying all the panels together, so the assembly can go together from smaller parts that are readily shippable. Think "IKEA Flat-Pak Hovercraft!" ....only without the goofy little assembly instruction fella and 'engrish' instructions ;)

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